As well as the crossing of the nations by routes of my own design, this site also looks at a wide variety of named trails that I have walked over the years.

Many are solo, but several were in collaboration with my late friend Dave Travers – we walked together since the 1970s to his untimely passing in 2017. On others you will find reference to my wife Barbara or my sons Matthew and Adrian.

The areas

South. Hampshire, Berkshire, Thames valley E of Oxford, Chilterns, Hertfordshire, London, and south of the Thames Estuary.

East. South of the Trent, east of the A6, north of London and the Thames Estuary. Also see my Essex pages.

West. South of the Trent, west of the A6, excludes Chilterns and Thames Valley E of Oxford, then Wiltshire and Dorset and west thereof.

North. North of the Trent, ‘cranking in’ as in Shakespeare. And Cheshire, to get across to the Welsh border, if I ever do a trail there.