Welsh Hewitts

I have a sort-of target of climbing all the 138 Welsh Hewitts, the 2000ft mountains with a relative height of at least 30m/98ft. As you will see from the 3000ft mountains of Wales pages, I got a head start while young, but then did little for a quarter-century. My cross-Wales walk, and a number of other explorations, have bulked up the numbers since, and currently I have 57 to go.

Importantly, all the larger hills are safely in the bag. By height, the biggest remaining is Cadair Berwyn, 2723ft, though the toughest hills will be the Rhinogs. 2016 doesn’t look a good year to make progress but with my cross-England walk due to be complete by the summer maybe 2017 might see an expedition or two.

My notes aren’t complete but I have a much better memory for hills than faces and can reconstruct the routes I took even where many years have passed. I’ve divided them into broad sections, roughly working from the north of the country southwards, as follows.