English Hewitts

For now this is just a holding page. As time goes on I’ll add to it with some notes about ascents of the 2000ft hills (Hewitts) of England as I race against time to fill the gaps.

There are 179 English Hewitts in total, and they fall into six geographical groups, three larger and three smaller. So far I’ve climbed about a third of them.

  • Dartmoor. One hill only, High Willhays, climbed on the Devon stage of my cross-England walk.
  • The Peak District. Two hills, Kinder Scout and Bleaklow Head. I climbed these often in the 1970s, but most recently revisited the latter on the Peak stage of my cross-England walk.
  • The Yorkshire Dales. I’m halfway through these 16 hills.
  • The High Pennines. I’ve climbed 16 of these 40 hills, some of the remotest in England.
  • The Lake District. Easily the largest group with 114 Hewitts. I’ve not visited this magnificent National Park often, but I climbed 14 of the Hewitts around Ullswater in 2016, and plan to be in the Keswick area this summer.
  • The Cheviots. All six hills were completed in 2016: four, including The Cheviot itself, on the Northumberland stretch of my cross-England walk, the other two – Cushat Law and Bloodybush Edge – on a return visit a couple of months later.