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  1. Hello, I work for a children’s magazine called Something Special and I’m interested in using one of your pictures. Please can you get in contact with me to discuss this? Thanks for your help,

  2. the start of the walk indicates there is a footpath opposite a house called Eversley. there is now a large double gate across this access with a notice stating “no footpath” the top end of the short right away has lots of garden type refuse piled up to prevent access.

    • Thank you for this Sheila. I have checked the Essex definitive map and alas this very useful village cut through is not a right of way. I have made a variation to the walk, based on memory as I have not been that way for a while – it’s undoubtedly on rights of way though. I’ll check it as soon as I can.

  3. Hi I need a bit of advice please. Every year a group of teachers raise money for Christies in memory of one of our pupils. Last year we walked from Solway in Bowness to Brampton. So this year we want to walk about another 20 miles of the wall. We have booked into a b & b in Brampton again and want to walk back. where would you suggest that we start from if we want to do approx 20 miles.
    thanks Gill

    • Hello Gill
      Apologies for the delay, I didn’t get a notification from WordPress and it’s been a while since I logged on.
      Once Brewed to Newtown, which is on the A6071 NW of Brampton, is about 18 miles. I’m not exactly sure where your finish point was last time, as Brampton lies rather to the south of the Hadrian’s Wall path.
      I wouldn’t advocate walking along an A road at the end of a tiring day, and there don’t seem to be any footbridges over the Irthing. If you needed to get back to the centre of Brampton, then minor roads to Lanercost bridge and some footpaths after would be a better bet, or alternatively just get picked up from Newtown. It depends a bit on whether, over the years, you plan to walk every inch of Hadrian’s Wall Path, and hence exactly where you finished last time.
      An alternative start-back point would be Housesteads Fort, which would add around three miles.
      I’m assuming all this is during summer time hours – in winter it would be tough to complete during daylight hours, even if the weather was good.

  4. HI
    Just about to do a few days backpacking on the NDW as I live in Surrey and fancy a few days out,
    Your mileage chart is brilliant and gives me a real handle on time and distances,
    The good intent pub in Puttenham will allow me to camp nightfirs tand I hope to get to the YHA on Ranmore or maybe find a wild pitch. Then home.
    Well done on your hard work in creating this chart.
    Many Thanks

    • Good luck with that Peter! But just to note that I was walking with a day pack and a camping pack will be a bit slower. And check the time of nightfall! But I guess you know all that.

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